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Latest innovations and inventions in the field of jewellery and applied arts have been a fundamental principle and exclusive priority of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House since its foundation.

The result of this work is unique reference samples of precious stones and metals, classic designs, unmatched detailed models and prototypes of the future pieces of jewellery. All our developments in jewellery are accompanied by technological maps, the know-hows and methods of their application; engineering systems and innovative inventions.

We can proudly say that the world's leading experts recognize: “House of Lobortas is a classic jewellery art of the 21st century”.


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22nd anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and the 1025-anniversary of the Baptism of Russia,

the Kingdom of Denmark, Copenhagen

6 September 2013 


The history of Sølyst House is dated to 1507, when on the place, where today the building of Royal shooting club is located, John, the King of Denmark, built the residence, where lived his wife Christine of Saxony and their four children, one of which - Christian II succeeded to Danish crown. In 1666 was built new Royal palace, and in 1724 on the place of former Royal residence the merchant Julius Fröichen constructed a building, extant until today and to the middle of XX century owned by Danish political figures and representatives of Royal Family. In 1949 Sølyst House was bought out by Royal shooting society, whose members are the representatives of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Denmark, and the chairman of the society is Queen of Denmark Margrethe II, the supreme commander of armed forces of Denmark.

It is interesting that, next to the "Sølyst House" is located villa Hvidøre, which in 1906 belonged to Danish Royal Family. It is the villa that was used by King Christian IX's daughters as a summer residence during their visits to Denmark. One of the daughters was the Empress Maria Feodorovna, the wife of the Emperor Alexander III, for which to his order was created the First Hen Egg by Faberge's craftsmen. It is the Faberge's Easter Egg that reminded the empress of her favorite object of Danish Royal Treasury - the egg, in which a hen was hidden, by opening of which a crown could be found, and inside of the crown - a ring. Having obtained the present, the empress asked his husband to present her Easter eggs every year, since then the giving of the Easter Eggs has become a tradition of Russian Imperial court.

At the invitation of the Embassy of Ukraine to the Kingdom Denmark and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine Lobortas Classic Jewelry House took part in gala night at Sølyst House to represent contemporary jewelry art of Ukraine. Within the framework of the exhibition the House presented: World record of Guinness Book of Records – diamond ring "Tsarevna Swan", as well as sculpture compositions with spiritual motif and hunting themes.

Gala night was attended by ambassadors of various states to the Kingdom of Denmark, by representatives of diplomatic corps, members of Royal shooting society and other guests of high standing, the members of the government of the Kingdom of Denmark, representatives of Ukrainian diaspora.




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