The Treasures of the Spanish King Philip V from the Galleon "San Jose"


The President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos announced that one of the most anticipated hidden treasures of recent decades will be raised from the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. Sunken San Jose galleon with the treasures in the amount of approximately $5 billion on board was detected in November 2015.

It is expected that the project will be more archaeological and scientific. Its main purpose will be the preservation of the found cultural values for all mankind. The treasures will be excavated by the archaeologists, but not the "treasure hunters".

Found on the shores of Colombia Spanish galleon "San Jose" was carrying treasures intended for the Spanish king Philip V over 300 years ago.


Сокровища испанского короля

Philip V (King of Spain), November 16, 1700 - January 14, 1724


Experts think that the gold and silver coins, as well as emeralds and a lot of jewelry can be found on board.

The ship sank in 1708 in the Caribbean Sea near the city of Cartagena after the unsuccessful battle with the warships of the British fleet. Since then the discovery of this ship had been an inaccessible dream for the treasure hunters.


Сокровища испанского короля

Action off Cartagena, May 28, 1708 Naval Combat off Cartagena, May 28, 1708. A British squadron attack the fleet of Spanish gold. A Spanish ship is captured, another forced to fail, and the San Jose carrying the bulk of the Spanish treasure is destroyed by the explosion of the "Santabárbara".(Wikipedia)


It would be interesting to create unique cufflinks "King of Spain Philip V", dedicated to this event created in the single copy, where the a pair of emeralds or other precious stones, raised from the galleon would serve as the basis for them.

Как известно, первым упоминанием о запонках в мире мы обязаны королю Франции Людовику XIV де Бурбону, который был дедушкой Филиппа V, и возможно часть драгоценностей предназначалась ему, известному любителю различных ювелирных изделий и украшений.

As is well known, for the first mention of cufflinks in the world we are obliged to the King of France Louis XIV de Bourbon, who was the grandfather to Philippe V. Maybe the part of the jewelry was intended for him as a lover of various precious adornments.


Сокровища испанского короля

Сокровища испанского короля

Cufflinks "King of Spain".
Photo by Vladislav Filin.


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