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«St.Andrew the First Called»



ivory (mammoth tusk), gold, silver, Teak wood.

№ 150930-2

Those who follow the prophet look for spiritual perfecting. Those whose destiny is to follow the Lord will be the first to suffer, to be crucified, die as the martyr and become the first Apostle. A lot of glorious victories were blessed by the St. Andrew`s cross. The girls used to pray for him to find a spouse.

To feel the tortures of Jesus it is not enough to experience them. You need to have spiritual power and inspire people with it.

The noble face of St. Andrew, the patron of numerous countries, is painted in precious metals and materials. Long-lived teak tree has become a basis for this icon made of mammoth tusk in a silver frame. Precisely designed shape, wavy lines, skillful performance with simplicity of the genre make this icon a masterpiece.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin