«St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker»

Body Icon


silver, diamonds, hand painted enamel.

№ Н-17-10-519

"Hierarch and father, O most holy Nicholas, thou extraordinary Saint of the Lord, our loving defender and ready helper in sorrows everywhere: help us sinners and hapless ones in the present life: entreat the Lord God to grant us remission of all of our sins, that we have committed from our youth and all our life, by deed, word, though and all our senses; and in the passing of our souls, help us wretched ones; entreat the Lord God and Maker of all creation, to deliver us from trials in the air and eternal torment: that we may alway glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and thy merciful intercession, now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen."

– Prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

The icon of Nicholas the Wonderworker is a rule of faith and an image of meekness. On our land, St. Nicholas was revered almost immediately after the Baptism of Rus'. Yet in the middle of the XI century, the first icons of the Saint appeared, and you probably can hardly find any Orthodox church today that does not possess such an icon. After all, among the many images of saints in Orthodoxy, the image of St. Nicholas did and does occupy a special place.

The artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House created this icon with a special feeling. The image of St. Nicholas were created by a jeweler and an artist using the finift enamel under a microscope at 20x magnification. Images of the Saint with uncovered head are more ancient than the images where Nicholas appears in a mitre, because the last icon painters began to paint that way only after the Nicholas I’s remark of being inappropriate for his heavenly patron to be without a headdress.

In Orthodoxy, it is customary to decorate the ornaments of icons richly. Without departing from tradition, goldsmiths decorated the icon with filigree engraving by subtly tracing the field of the icon under the microscope as well. Artisans masterfully combined the canonical image of the Saint and the modern style of the patterned frame through decorating it with unique engraving and yellow diamonds.

On the reverse side of the icon, there is a phrase from the troparion to Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra.

Body icon: Nicholas the Wonderworker. "You were revealed to your flock as a measure of faith. You were the image of humility and a teacher of self-control. Because of your humble life, heaven was opened to you.  Because of your poverty, spiritual riches were granted to you. O holy Bishop Nicholas we cry out to you: Pray to Christ our God that our souls may be saved."

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Photo by Vladislav Filin