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«Holy Photinia»

Body Icon


gold, diamonds, amethyst, tanzanite, turquoise, enamel.

№ 418280

 Saint Photinia, a caring mother that became a preacheress after meeting with Christ. She is one of the saints, who protects home, children and the family. The icon with her image teaches the dedication, confidence in your endeavors, as well as encourages the bright, good thoughts, augments both spiritual and outward health.

Icon Pendant "St. Photinia" will become a real treasure for a woman, who will become its owner once. Hands of the best artisans worked to frame the perfect setting of the image. The skill, with which the icon is crafted, read in each bend of gold, in coloration of turquoise and precious stones, which were processed by the talented artists, has turned into real jewelled miracle.

The setting of "St. Photinia" reminds of the exquisitely fanciful jewellery form of small architectural elements. A truly stunning, impeccable curves of gold vines and amethyst grapes are supplemented with the clear glow of the precious diamonds and tanzanite, on which the image of St. Photinia gives a sensation of warmth, confidence and gratitude.

Only the genius can make so exceptional work of art, which is the icon pendant. Feeling this masterpiece every minute, its owner will certainly find everything, of which St. Photinia is a patron.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las