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«Saint Ludmila»

Enamel Sapphire Gold Silver Icon Pendant


gold, silver, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, enamel finift "St. Ludmila".

№ Н-15-01-084

Graceful and elaborate, scrupulous and filigree work of the jewellers merges the palm warmth and the energy of the soul into a traditional icon pendant, framed with the silver waves of elegant ornament, encrusted with sapphires, the "stones of nuns", chastity and loyalty, that symbolize the heavenly dome, and decorated with the finift enamel. This technique requires the vast experience and creative inspiration. All of these proficiency is in possession of our jewelers, whose creative surveys and innovative techniques are ranked as the vertices of excellence.

This icon is not simply a sacral character or a symbol of faith. Artists of the House "Lobortas" turned a piece of jewellery into a small masterpiece, harmonious and bright. In pure colors of artistic enamels, they have told the story of Ludmila of Bohemia, having conveyed the life of the Great Martyr in stones and metals, methods and techniques. Enamel colors convey the peace and silence, light and grace of the icon. Such decoration is not only to protect and give the patronage and the force, strengthen the faith, it is to be durable, passed on from one generation to another, as it stores the energy of the hands, that had created it, purity of thought, sanctity and beauty of the image...

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Photo by Dmitriy Las