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«St. Tatiana»

Enamel Diamond Silver Icon Pendant


silver, diamonds, enamel (finift) "St. Tatiana"

№ Н-10-07-621/Н-15-03-221

In the fragility and tenderness of heart there is the great force of faith that is stronger than all temptations, and in the eyes there is the pure light of truth and kindness. Saint Tatiana was the one who prevailed the force of the laws of the Roman Empire, the authority of the pagan gods, having passed through the serious challenges. She was true to the single God and the example of her resilience of spirit and the firmness of faith made her a great martyr highly honored by the Christians. And today her bright and pure image, masterly painted with finift enamel, decorated with diamonds in silver setting, sheds goodness and gives protection to all those, who comprehend science and serve with diligence.

A small icon pendant with the captured image of great unsubdued woman will give the light of the divine fire that illuminates the souls and makes miracles, heals the body and frees the mind.

The excellent finift enamel that plays with colors and glares, that carries the impression of the ancient methods and secrets, deepened with skill, talent and innovative techniques of the Lobortas artists, encased in pure silver and shimmering white diamonds, will give you love, will strengthen the faith and will invigorate your spirit.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin