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Diamond Sapphire Amber Enamel Gold Pendant


gold, diamonds, pink sapphires, amber, hand painted enamel "Theotokos".

№ Н-16-07-453

"Holy virgin, Mother of God... deliver us the spirit of reason and piety, the spirit of mercy and meekness, the spirit of purity and truth. O Most Pure Lady!"

– Prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God

The body icon of Holy Mother of God is the intercessory prayer to the Blessed Virgin. Prayerfully raised hands, turn of the head, the focus of the gaze – the Intercessor, turns to Christ with a prayer for the human race, for each and every one!

This type of single icons is known from the Byzantine sources of the IX-X centuries and is called Hagiosoritissa (from Greek ἡ Ἁγιοσορίτισσα) after the name of the chapel at the Church of Theotokos Chalkoprateia.

Such a body icon is a symbolic part of the immaterial, eternal.

Artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House carefully transferred the image of the Mother of God to the jewellery miniature. Enamel jeweler and artist recreated a priceless image. Under the microscope, at 20x magnification, stroke by stroke, canonical features were born. The colors and proportions in icons are symbolic. Red in iconography is the eternal choice of the most pure vessel that embodied the Word. Virgin Mary's purple omophorion (a married woman's veil) is drawn in such detail that you can see the stars on the head and shoulders of the Blessed Mother of God.

The inscription on the body icon is traditionally given in Greek abbreviation is ΜΡ ΘΥ (Mother of God).

The Golden light pouring from behind the Holy Virgin seems to push her figure forward and emphasize the inaccessibility of space.

Body icon of Holy Mother of God is pardoning helper of sinners, the giver of joy.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin