A Frame for Icon Pendant


silver, wood.

The greatest force of faith in the protection of an icon pendant is felt by everyone, who lives in love to the Lord. Icon pendants accompany people in all their endeavors, protect and inspire good, noble deeds.

It is very important for the owner of the icon to frame it decently. The frame of wood and silver, made by the hands of talented masters, is perfect in its modest beauty. The warm wood, skillfully processed by the artists best in their occupation, creates an excellent contour with the so special form that it is a work of art in itself. And silver, as a vine twining the space round the frame, is astonishing in its tender glow, reflected in each bend of the work.

So elaborate work is worthy to frame the most valuable icon. After all, silver and wood are amazing materials, about sacral properties of which a lot is known. Moreover, the fact how the artisans, who created the frame, managed to reshape them in a true work of art, will complement the true faith of the owner in the Heavenly Patronage and Intercession.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin