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«Angel's Smile»

Gold Diamond Ruby Amber Cross Pendant

Collection:  Precious Cross Pendants


gold, diamonds, rubies, amber.

№ Н-16-01-034

There is a faraway realm, bewitched and pure! Where the sun, radiant with amber, waltzes on the blue waves that glisten with diamond dewdrops on the shore, leaving marks of marvelous beauty behind.

Legend tells that somewhere there, under the emblem of the Crux in the sky, a pearl of mystic power rests. It elicits even angels’ smiles when they behold it. And she who seizes this pearl will attain everlasting bliss.

You should just shut your eyes and in a blink for the very blue waters glimmering with diamonds, the very essence of the sun and the enigmatic luster of the pearl bestowing you a smile of celestial grace to become yours.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las