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Enumel Diamond Gold Silver Double Sided Cross Pendant

Collection:  Precious Cross Pendants


gold, silver, white diamonds, yellow diamonds, cognac diamonds, enamel "Jesus".

№ Н-15-12-969

Inscrutable ways are littered with doubts, marked with thorns. In search of ourselves and God, making our way through them, picking our own way, we can dissolve the barriers by turning them in help. And then by strengthening faith, rejoicing and finding light, by coming to the Savior, we notice life to become so bright and marvelous, like clear diamonds, we find its wonderful gifts, we see beautiful face of God's son...

Miniature double-sided neck cross is a religious symbol, the symbol of faith, and exclusive jewellery. The play of gems and a combination of precious metals, the art of color experiments and harmony of enamel shades, the magic of the composition and magic of gloss, skill of the artists and talent of engravers – everything is remarkable in it. Miniature enamel image of Jesus, placed in the center of the front side, attracts the eye as if the source of light and dissolves in heat and glares of diamond sparkles that fascinate with purity and rarity .

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Photo by Vladislav Filin