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Diamond Sapphire Silver Double Sided Cross Pendant

Collection:  Precious Cross Pendants


silver, blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, orange sapphires, black diamonds, white diamonds.

Special order.

When we believe, the way of life is clear and wonderful. The stars in heavens and souls are bright; the path to truth is illuminated with a shine, warm and joyful like gems. The existence sparkles with the magical light, where we merge into oblivion easily, looking for goodness and love in the nooks and crannies of the subconscious mind.

Neck cross as a symbol of faith and a kind of personal charm has become not only an embodiment of Christian worship, not only a sign of involvement in the Savior's religion, but also a most beautiful piece of jewellery. Into it, artists are investing their personal energy multiplied by the power of eternity, by archetypical and mythical, by profound and timeless. Moreover, every such jewel reinforces the universal mercy and forgiveness, revealing a paragon of involvement in divine and great, which is beyond the harsh logic, but hitherwards the feelings and aspirations...

Yellow, blue and orange sapphires are playing on a silver background, forming a brilliant mosaic with luxury of black and white diamonds, glinting with a flame of our souls.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin