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Decorative Object


mammoth tusk, amber, pyrrhotite.

An eternal violin melody is like amber...The fiddler melted into it listening to his sadness or memories of his youth. His irregular, asymmetric and small figure is made of plastic and noble mammoth tusk. Its is moving and sad like a melody. His pervading look, wrinkled forehead and folds of his clothes seem to have stood still enchanted by a pervading note. Only an artist can paint the other artist, only a master can impress the other master...

There is the whole world in this sculpture. This is a story of a soul told by the jewelers and inspired by creation. Nobility and rare beauty of gemstones, skillful performance and techniques can be seen in this cabinet decoration. It is a piece of interior art where every color accent is important like a note of a melody...

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Photo by Vladislav Filin