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mammoth tusk, amber, pyrrhotite.

Overflowing with the expanses of a cozy city, the cheerful tunes by Klezmer street musicians flow. Music that accompanied holidays, weddings, and fun. The accordion occupies a separate place in the ranks of such an orchestra. Merging with the general sound, it decorated the melody with an overflow of sweet notes. Yet the pose and face of the musician, immersed in his own thoughts, give away the secrets of the soul hidden behind a cheerful melody.

So how masterfully the music was born from under the fingers of the accordionist, the jewelers also skillfully imprinted his figure in the fossil ivory. His stature, the folds of his robe and every line of his face reflects the history of his soul. All this, combined with the amber paving stones located on a pyrrhotite stand, is a work of art jewelry executed in a miniature carved sculpture.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin