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«Star of David»

Gold Diamond Pendant


gold, diamonds.


H 34 mm х W 20 mm

№ Н-15-05-400

There is some ancient magic as complete as perfect in this simple geometric symbolism, which has passed through thousands of years of archaism and thick cultures. Its history, interpretations, and disputes about its origin fade into the background when we admire this clarity of intersecting lines that form a beautiful hexagram from two triangles. Its power, rooted in ancient civilizations, energy, born of legends and traditions of the chosen people, power and harmony, transmitted in the radiance of white diamonds and the brilliance of eternal gold, plays with facets that create an endless maze of reflections, tricks and rays. Harmony of calculations, the poetry of skill, the seal of talent – this is the Star of David embodied by the artists of Lobortas in a luxurious pendant.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin