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Enamel Diamond Gold Hamsa Pendant


gold, diamond, enamel.

№ Н-17-09-432-1 / special order.

Hamsa is one of the most old talismans that was believed to provide defense against the evil eye. The picture of a palm-shaped amulet was respected in many countries. Early use of the Hamsa has been traced to the Phoenician goddess Tanit, the goddess of the moon and the patron of the Carthage.

In Judaism Hamsa is associated with the God`s Hand, and the picture of the Eye of Providence with five fingers of the hand remind its owner of necessity to concentrate on all the five sences to praise the God.

Admiring sophisticated and juicy colors of enamel the pendant`s owner will thank the jewelers for praising Hamsa in this unique piece of art.

Harmony of precious materials and techniques prove that immortal jewelry innovations of Fabergé will surely inspire the owner of this pendant. The magic power of this talisman will bring success to the one whocan appreciate luxury and charm of the “Hamsa” lavaliere.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin