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«Fiddler on the Roof»


bronze, brass, silver, gilding, lapis lazuli, enamel.

№ Н-21-09-377

Popular is the image of the musician, glorified in the canvases of Chagall or music of Pauls, symbolizing the creativity’s flight of fancy, the great and free one. Balancing on the winds and the senses; playing music where the sun, the moon and stars are spectators, and birds are amicably accompanying, he gives us the joy of the contact with the excellence and excitement of participation in genuine and unshakable matters.

A colorful and cheerful ship house, like a large and noisy ark with the colored stained glass windows, traveling in full sail together with the melody to where the souls of artists and musicians live, to where the sounds and paints soar in the celestial heights, waiting for a new birth and revival. On the other hand, maybe these are mysterious tunes of the gilded magical flute house, at which the airy silver melody is played by wind and flows. Or a symbolic menorah, eight pipe candles of which will be lit with the sacred fire in honor of the ancient holiday?

And beautiful and strong, reliable and impeccable lazurite is poured out with the heavenly magic at the foot of the psychic fiddler, connecting the inspiration and crafts, talent and excellent performance.

Bright colors of vitreous enamel are sprayed in celestial spheres, reflecting the glares of dawn. As winning anthem to the creativity, the sacred and holy music sounds. The gilded jewellery sculpture is sparkling. It is a tiny handcrafted monument to the artists, who create miracles.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin