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Holy Fire Vigil Lamp


silver, stained glass, amaranth wood.

Special order.

“…and we implore and entreat You, O All-Holy Lord, by the grace of your all-holy and luminous tomb to transform it into a blessing of sanctification.”

The sacred Holy Fire is a miracle that manifests in the hallowed place, on a holy day, sanctifying the faithful ones. According to the witness of the Apostles and Holy Fathers, uncreated light shone forth from the Holy Sepulchre shortly after the resurrection of Christ. “Peter believed, but he beheld not only with carnal eyes, but also with a lofty apostolic mind – the Tomb of Light was filled with Him, so that, although it was night, he nevertheless perceived the inner vision – both sensibly and spiritually,” we learn from the church historian Gregory of Nyssa. The Lord bestowed upon us the privilege to kindle the Paschal Holy Fire of Jerusalem at noon in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and convey it to the farthest Orthodox churches on Earth before the All-Night Vigil. And with the blessing of the Holy Orthodox Church, the historical tradition of the vigil lamps for bringing the Holy Fire of Jerusalem spread throughout the Christian world.

The lamp crafted according to all the canons of church and jewelry art is a unique and exquisite piece of jewelry that has become a hallmark of Lobortas. In the creation of the lamp, which is a real engineering marvel, state-of-the-art techniques and technologies were used. Thanks to them, the air inside does not heat the structure of the vessel when heating. This allows for preserving the sacred fire even during long flights and journeys, as well as annual Easter liturgies.

The All-Ukrainian Vigil Lamp is a contemporary work that has become the first artistic object consecrated over the last 200 years. In shape, it resembles an early Christian church, adorned with silver engravings with images of the Edicule (the sanctuary in which the Holy Fire appears) and three Holy Lavras of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, and a specially designed lamp is installed inside it. Every year, since 2008, it has become customary in Ukraine to bring the Holy Fire by plane from Jerusalem for the Great Easter feast. This kind of altar lamp has earned the epithet of “unquenchable”, since the fire in them lasts throughout the year, until a new feast, and they themselves have become precious spiritual gifts symbolizing the light of faith.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las