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  • «Little Sprout»

    silver 950, enamel, diamonds CVD  |  № 23-08-410/2

  • «Little Sprout»

    silver 950, enamel  |  № 23-08-410/2

«Little Sprout»

Enamel Gold Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


silver 950, diamonds CVD, enamel

№ Н-23-09-455/02

silver 950, enamel

№ Н-23-09-455/1

Hot enamel technique is a calling card of Lobortas artisans. Perfect mastery of artful techniques has become a distinctive feature of Ukrainian designers. Filigree application of paints, the finest engravings, skillful stylization of ancient hieratic miniatures, play of plots and themes – all this makes jewelry by artisans of Lobortas desirable exhibits and the best examples of collections, VIP-class gifts and exclusive jewelry.

Delicate, fragile and light body cross with its shaky beauty resembles a little sprout. Perhaps it is a symbol of a nascent faith open to the future, or a sign of the soul's aspiration to the divine, a marker of spiritual and emotional growth.

The purity and clarity of colors, the apparent simplicity of execution, new authorial variations of artists, each time in a new way using classic jewelry techniques to the best effect, are perfectly demonstrated in this wonderful miniature product.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las