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  • Cross Pendant «Annunciation»

    gold, enamel  |  № Н-19-03-247/2

  • Cross Pendant «Annunciation»

    gold, diamond, enamel  |  № Н-15-11-904


Enamel Gold Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


gold, enamel.

№ Н-19-03-247/2

gold, diamond, enamel.

№ Н-15-11-904

Christians began wearing the cross of redemption, the symbol of the sacred, the sign of faith and the involvement, round their necks yet from the 4th century. Floral designs and geometric patterns, symbolic interpretations of the cross displayed the influence of different cultures. And although over the centuries its shape and composition changed, the spirit and energy remain the same. 

Designers of the House of Lobortas embody not only different classical and modern artistic techniques in a series of unique exclusive neck crosses, but are also coming up with plots and images, play with palettes and combinations of stones. Embodying the historical or cult context and the author's vision in the amazing item, they also demonstrate the variety of techniques and capabilities of jeweler's craft. Bright and clean is the spring feast of the Annunciation, where nature blossoms with new colors and the world freezes in anticipation of a great mystery. Every year it gives us hope and faith, love and joy. Strengthen the spirits, and settle the warmth of the spring in the souls. And under the blue enamel skies, golden domes and crosses sparkle with the diamond radiance.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin