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  • № Н-23-11-508/2

  • № Н-23-11-508/1



Enamel Gold Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ Н-23-11-508/2

№ Н-23-11-508/1

Diverge chiseled petals are echoing in jewellery. Delicate primrose is blooming on golden background of multilayer enamel. Its contrasting colors, underlined with the traditional finift enamel, are spreading through the body of jeweled cross. 

In this complex classical technique, creatively interpreted by contemporary designers, it is possible to portray any patterns, to cast a play of colors, to create the layered decor that reiterates the authentic weaving crafts and which is reminiscent of the jewel inlays. 

Exclusive cross by the artisans from the House of Lobortas combines genre features of iconic works, folk motifs, art experiments and classical techniques.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las