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«Shining Path»

Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Large Cross Pendants


gold, enamel.

№ 713149

"Look at the stars of heaven, and every day you will see the sign of the cross, formed by the combination of stars... Rejoice, o thou who seest the cross, salvation and adoption of the Kingdom!.. Rejoice, o thou who seest the cross, consecration and demons dethronement!"

John Chrysostom, theologian  

Cross pendant "Shining Path" is the Temple of the Lord at your heart. 

It is the modern prototype of the cross, which was "found" by Empress Helena, mother of Constantine the great, being in Palestinian pilgrimage in 326 AD. During excavations at Calvary near the cave of the Holy Sepulchre, three crucifixes were found, but only one of them made the miracle, which revealed its identity. 

Since then, such a cross shape when vertical bar longer than the horizontal, is called the Latin (Roman) cross, the cross of the crucifixion. In Catholicism, he is considered a real form of the cross on which he was crucified the Savior. Today it is the most common Christian symbol in the world! 

It is interesting that Catholic churches are in the shape of a Latin cross. So, Sagrada Familia, famous Expiatory Church of the Holy Family in Barcelona, was initially intended to be the Latin cross-shaped Basilica. Famous architect Antoni Gaudí gave 40 years of his life to the construction of the Sagrada Familia. He kept the idea of the Basilica, but brought uneven stained glass and up-and-down monumental towers to the church. 

Cross pendant "Shining Path" is canarous architectural forms of Gaudí, when play of the hot enamel repeats stained-glass windows of the church, and glitter of diamonds is similar to candle light. Solemn and chaste golden cross "Shining Path" is a road that always leads to the Church.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin