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Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Large Cross Pendants


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 326

Small moments of life are quite different, but combined into one truly incomprehensible earthly path by unimaginable wonder. Their colors play, swirl and change each other. Only certainty in the Guardians, present in our lives, remains unchanged.

 With the greatest love, jewellery is being designed. By its very existence, it is destined to thank the creator for all that is beautiful in this earthly life. Nothing can be dearer and closer than the neck cross. 

Here both love and joy, happiness and desire to be worthy of god-given gifts. They create a tangible palette, astonishing with the richness of color and its saturation. Flicker of precious jewellery enamel is akin to the magnificence of smalt in mosaics of ancient Byzantium. Moreover, who knows, maybe it's they – the immortal gifts of enamel art of bygone times, arisen from centuries immemorial? Here is mild, but always present and warming light that blesses and protects the person, who opened the sacrament of faith once. Clarity and purity, comparable with the best thoughts, fills every diamond, transforming small stones in the abodes of the Ubiquitous Illumination. 

In addition, it is only natural that the magnificence of mosaic, executed by talented artisan, gives second birth to Byzantine miracle. As if to prove the boundless faith, gold echoes noble color play, unique in its grandeur. It is the only metal that deserves to catch, transform and multiply all the good things in a person, who knows the truth.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin