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  • «Little Flower»

    gold, diamond, enamel  |  № 713102/3

«Little Flower»

Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


gold, diamond, enamel.

№ 713102/3

Once the flowers from the Garden of Eden noticed that people were overcome with sadness and sorrow. They descended to Earth and strew it with such a colorful carpet that these wonderful colors and marvelous fragrance brought solace and returned the joy to the people. Artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House, wanting to share a piece of joy, created a wonderful jewel – neck cross "Little Flower". As if in a wreath, weaved by the hands of a young girl, all the unique colors of Ukrainian nature are collected in this work. 

According to ancient legend, on the Kupala Night, flowers of the field and forest arranged dances with flaring dittany: asters and mallows, periwinkle and guelder-rose were gathering together, bell-flowers were ringing, poppies were waving with petals, daisies and cornflowers were circling, all flowers were having such a feast of colors that even the stars were thwarted from heaven to circle in this colorful round dance. 

Artisans of the Lobortas Classic Jewellery House believe that the neck cross "Little Flowers" will find a place in your heart just as girlish wreath, woven on the Eve of Ivan Kupala, finds its way to the heart of the promised one.

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