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  • «Little Bell»

    silver 950, enamel, diamonds CVD  |  № Н-23-09-459/1

  • «Little Bell»

    silver 950, enamel, diamonds CVD  |  № Н-23-09-459/2

  • «Little Bell»

    gold, diamond, enamel  |  № 753664/5

  • «Little Bell»

    gold, diamonds, enamel  |  № Н-16-01-030/1

«Little Bell»

Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


silver 950, enamel, diamonds CVD

№ Н-23-09-459/1

№ Н-23-09-459/2

gold, diamonds, enamel

№ 753664/5

№ Н-16-01-030/1

The real beauty, often evoking wordless admiration, sounds always special. Only people with exceptional mental qualities, manners, raised in the light of the true faith, are given to hear it. Those who believe in the beauty and its purpose in this world. Those who are confident in the boundless love of God towards others and ourselves. 

Sounding of beauty is like a slim ringing of multiple bells, rising to the sky and giving comfort, wide feeling of joy and happiness. Quite often flowers and birds, proud and courageous mountain rivers sing their gratitude to the skies. But the most beautiful, the most innocent voice of creations, designed to multiply the beauty of the world, to praise and thank the divine self in each of the men. It is works having souls to glorify the life with beautiful voices. 

Neck cross is one of the most valuable amulets of the soul. Therefore, its charming simplicity usually is heard when it is executed by a talented and brilliant Artisan. The brilliance of diamonds, refinement, generosity and greatness of gold – this is the pledge of a light sound of beauty for the believer. The voice of the precious Bell clearly and gently sings about the best qualities of the soul, gifted with heavenly protection. And this is one of those miracles that can be enjoyed forever.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las