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Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Middle Cross Pendants


gold, enamel

№ Н-19-11-790/2

Workpieces, executed by enamelers of "Lobortas" Classic Jewellery House, are charming and original. The artisans have perfectly mastered all the subtleties of working with hot enamel jewellery and have special attitude to this material as to the source of recreation in the article deep artistic intent. 

A series of cross pendants "Flower" is a synthesis of creative impulse, ornamental art and the importance of confession of faith. Jewellery, combining the finest traditions of work with precious hot enamels, is a collective image of the cultural heritage, which is embodied in the creed, hope, and life. 

The basis of an artistic conception in the decoration of the "Flower" cross pendant is a floral design, the effect of which is reinforced with a palette of natural shades. The very "heart" of the product is protected by a rosette (chamomile). Its shape resembles a flower, commemorates the symbol of the Sun and creates a holistic image of eternal and continuous movement in a circle, following the Biblical truth – everything resumes its normal course. Motives of holiness, purity and rebirth of life, embodied by the four stems of inflorescences on the edges of the cross and the white color in the shape of the rosette, were harmoniously woven with patterns in the jeweled workpiece. 

Special attention should be paid to the circle in the middle of the cross. Its shaped structure is the embodiment of the image of the Sun as not heavenly body, but as an antitype for Christ, whom the Church styles the Sun of Truth.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin