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  • № Н-23-10-477/1

  • № Н-23-10-477/2

  • № Н-23-11-506/1

  • № Н-23-11-506/2

  • № Н-16-11-731


Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


silver, diamonds CVD, enamel.

№ Н-23-10-477/1

№ Н-23-10-477/2

gold, diamonds, enamels.

№ Н-23-11-506/1

№ Н-23-11-506/2

№ Н-16-11-731

To be or not to be... However, the art is not interested in this issue. It captures the laws of life in characters, images, transforming them in color, sound, word. Or in stone. By touching the eternal natural material, the only thing left for the artist is to see what nature or the universe hides from us. He needs to mature to make it reality. Meeting with genuine creator is necessary to bare the essence, to give the mystery of Being... 

Tree of life is a global cultural archetype, the access code to the mysteries of the Universe, to the basics of everything. It bears fruits that give life. In its branches the birds make nests, and chicks continue their bloodlines, never putting a point in the eternal dispute about the primacy of egg and chicken. The cross is a symbol of the Sun and warmth, and the "all-seeing eye" that discovers and recovers one's sight, and warm colors of life on the cold background of nothingness in magical enamel palette, framed by noble gold... All these simple, timeless, meaningful signs are revealed before those who see, feel, love. 

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Photo by Dmitriy Las