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  • Cross Pendant «Baby»

    silver, diamond, enamel  |  № Н-23-08-410/1

  • Cross Pendant «Baby»

    silver, diamond, enamel  |  № Н-22-10-331

  • Cross Pendant «Baby»

    silver 950, enamel, diamonds CVD  |  № Н-23-08-410/2


Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Small Cross Pendants


silver, diamond, enamel

№ Н-23-08-410/1

№ Н-22-10-331

silver 950, enamel, diamonds CVD

№ Н-23-09-459/2

So the eyes of His are bright in a blaze of the star

Risen above the cave of Bethlehem,

So the world of His is bright, from now and after.

  When Baby Jesus came to this world, the Sun's rays did not become shining brighter, water did not become running faster, and the sky rained its blueness in the same way as before His arrival. And the Magi's gifts were not richer than usual offerings. Perhaps only a flicker of a distant star, which was later called the Christmas one, seemed to be deeper and more generous, and its glimpses became closer. And the movement of planets was unhurried, and so the Earth did revolve, and children's laughter did ring with the bells, and childly clear view of the newborn was clean and bright. 

Only since then the world has become different. Joy, sincere goodness and strong faith have come to it. Now its circles have spread from the cave in Bethlehem, like the fiery flame magic that has illuminated and enlightened all around since then... Like the bright, piercing rays coming from heart to heart... Like a sincere smile of a child... Like a flickering Spirit... Now a warm gold, symbol of purity, wisdom and immortality, surrounds it... Now a wonderful enamel keeps this radiance. And recreates the fluxes of warmth and spirituality, shimmering in a tiny jewellery creation, the cross with a gentle and affectionate title "Baby".

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Photo by Dmitriy Las