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«Zhirovichy Icon»

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silver, gilding, diamonds, yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, blue topaz, cacholong, chrysolites, petrified wood, glass (hologram).

№ Н-20-03-105 / special order.

Among the Belarusian wonderworking icons, the Zhirovichy Icon is the only one made in flat relief on a stone.

The icon is an oval piece of jasper with a relief image of the Virgin with the Baby in her arms. According to researchers, the Zhirovichy Icon is virtually without peer. There are only three similar images dated the fourteenth and early sixteenth centuries. The shrine is revered as not-wrought-by-hand, because it was revealed in a miraculous way.

The hologram is made as in a wooden frame. Illumination is carried out using a light emitting diode, symbolizing the light of the candle fire, which has been lit for centuries next to the icon.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin