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«The Tree of Life»

Diamond Silver Cross Pendant


silver, white diamonds.

№ Н-15-10-777 / special order.

Each man is as a tree, created by God,
Unique as it reaches to the heavens above.
For, the tree of life, it blossoms, it grows,
From its roots to the heavens, its majesty shows.”

– From The Tree of Life by Jeanne A. Brohart

Origins and roots, the world's creation and a symbol of cultures of different peoples... The tree of life, sung in myths and legends, melted in classical and modern masterpieces explaining the creation and world order, has inspired Ukrainian designers to create this silver pendant.

It is harmonious and perfect; it exudes energy and cosmological magic. This is an absolute medium connecting the celestial and terrestrial forces, good and evil, chaos and order, the antiquity and the present. Its imagery and symbolism, proportionality and orderliness, transparency for the future and sturdy thoroughness is expressed in a unique jewelry piece, philosophical and attractive one.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin