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“Centaury Flower”

Lapis Lazuli Gold Children Cross Pendant

Collection: Exclusive Cross Pendants


gold, diamonds, blue sapphire, lapis lazuli.

№ Н-15-09-718 / special order.


“Centaury Flower”

Lapis Lazuli Gold Children Cross Pendant


The children`s cross “Centaury Flower”. According to an old legend legend, a simple wayside flower of of a sky blue color had the power to defeat the evil. Even before baptism of the Kyiv Rus centaury flowers were considered the flowers of the God Veles. This means that this flower is a talisman that gives wisdom.

Centaury was given a special role in the Orthodox tradition. In Christianity almost all the flowers have got symbolic meanings. Roses resemble of the Thorn Wreath, lilly is a symbol of spiritual development, centaury symbolizes innocence of children.

The children`s cross “Centaury Flower” is a reflection of the blue sky in chldren`s eyes. It is made of lapis lazuli and decorated with diamonds and blue sapphires. According to the author`s idea, ends of this cross look like bells of churches that praise the Lord. The blue sky has fallen on a meadow, blue wayside flowers grow. They symbolize children`s innocent faith and joy.

The children`s cross “Centaury Flower” is a message of blessing delivered by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewelry House.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin