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«Harmony of Soul»

Diamond Sapphire Amber Gold Cross Pendant

Collection: Precious Cross Pendants


gold, diamonds, blue sapphire, amber.

№ Н-15-02-099 / special order.


"Dear friend, seest thou not

That whatever we look on here

Is but an image, shadows only

Of a beauty hid from our eyes?"

Vladimir Solovyov, philosopher, theologian


Harmony of the Soul "Where there is a cross, there is love; where there is divine love, there is the harmony of the soul. After all, when the joy of faith, love for one's neighbor and for Heavenly Father takes up residence in one's heart, then the grace drops down on it.

Every Christian cross comprises human and divine principles. Isn't the merger of two hypostases of the Savior an ultimate harmony?

Is it possible to pass this harmony and wonderful effect of the cross? It is, if you save a delicate balance between luxury gems and deliberately simple lines of the jewelry masterpiece. Artisans of the "Lobortas" Classic Jewelry House laid a holy symbol of salvation with honey amber, scatterings of luxurious diamonds, by having set the beautiful blue sapphire in the center. Visible and invisible rays are shining as a beacon in the darkness of everyday hassles, directing everyone to the harbor of salvation, filling the soul with awes of harmony.

"Harmony of the Soul" is the balance consecrated with the cross.


Photo by Vladislav Filin