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«Star of David»

Gold Diamond Pendant


gold, diamonds.


H 29 mm х W 16 mm

№ Н-15-05-403 / special order.

This animal is a symbol of a woman, that is why it is obliged to be beautiful, soft and a little bit modest. The sheep is one of the most amazing animals in the world. She is naive and sometimes submissive, but very stubborn on the way to her goals.

These qualities are very appreciated in the modern world. Every successful woman knows ho w to achieve what she wants. Her ability to turn from a modest beautiful girl to a self-confident and proud person is always admirable.

This pendant symbolizes femininity and will bring its mistress the feeling of self-confidence and trust in other people. Noble gold that looks like curly wool of a sheep is worth to be a company for the most beautiful women. Cognac diamonds have more eloquence than a joyful look reminding us that real happiness is obvious for everyone. That is why it it so precious.

But the most attractive thing in this amazing sheep are her moving legs that make her look funny and brave. Even queens can have some fun from time to time. This pendant will surely impress a beautiful, seductive and self-confident lady.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin