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«Star of David»

Enamel Silver Pendant


silver, enamel.

Special order.

Praising perfect things people often say that for real creativity an ideal has as many faces as nature and philosophy that inspire an artist. A lot of connoisseurs of art agree with this statement.

Art of jewelry is one of the most beautiful kinds of creativity. Masterpieces of jewelry live long lives full of real joy and admiration. The “Star of David” is one of such pieces of art. It expresses an absolute respect to the Star of David`s symbolism and the master`s original approach to traditions of jewelry.

This pendant will protect its owner and remind him of the union of all the elements of life. It will surely become his favorite piece of jewelry. The “Star of David” is amazing and absolutely unique. Gold has become alive due to magic of the talented master. Delicate lines of the six-pointed star, shining enamel on its surface and breathing of the pure diamond will surely amaze the one who will be lucky to own it.

This is a proof of the highest level of skills and inspiration of the master who created this perfect piece of art.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin