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Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Middle Cross Pendants


gold, diamonds, enamel.

№ 772398 / special order.

Neck cross is a sacred, deeply symbolic piece of jewelry, which is set to every detail, color and even form. Most often, according to Christian tradition, the crosses are represented as crucifixion: four beams with horizontal one symbolizing life on Earth, and vertical one, rising from the Earth to heaven, united in heart, in place of divine power. 

Neck cross "Tree" is an amazing jewel. It is a real work of art, the tree-shaped cross made of gold, inspiring precious jewelry enamel and diamonds. This unusual form brings us back to the very beginning of native Slavic Christian tradition, where the tree comprises the divine principles and gives life to everything that exists around. The piece is presented in several colors, thanks to which everyone can choose something special: blue hues are to symbolize the victory of the spirit, the highest sanctity and elevation to celestial spheres, the green ones bring us back to nature and the life-giving power of purification, and multi-colored enamel stem weaving and branchy crowns give us the fullness of all spiritual aspirations. 

Cross pendant "Tree" is a perfect purchase for anyone looking for something more than just a piece of jewelry or a religious symbol. First of all, it is connection not only with Heavens, but also the link with ancestors and all-powerful forces of nature that have no lesser Holiness and divine power.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin