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  • «The Sun»

    gold, enamel  |  № 243/2

  • «The Sun»

    gold, enamel  |  № 692

«The Sun»

Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Large Cross Pendants


gold, enamel.

№ 243/2 / special order.

№ 692 / special order.

Christian Unity begins at the cross. According to one version, the word "cross" has a pan-European root "cru", meaning "the circle". According to the other, it is the Slavic root "cres", meaning fire. And the circle of the Sun (or otherwise – Sunny cross) is an ancient symbol that appears on objects of prehistoric Europe. The symbolic image of the solar cross is still used in the Christian Church canons. 

The Christian cross as a symbol of Salvation, however, has still been brighter than the luminary, it is hotter. "The cross blessed the universe; it dispelled darkness and returned light; it gathered the people and joined their love in a single Church, a single faith, a single baptism", the Rev. Efrem Sirin wrote. 

Solar heat and fire of the true faith are combined with precious jewelry enamel, elite jeweler's technique, in the pendant cross "The Sun". And literally feels like "The Sun" rays radiate the joy. Since faith is a joy to the hearts of their Heavenly Father and hope for the best and the highest. 

The ends of the cross is a stylized shamrock, which is considered a symbol of the Holy Trinity, a complete unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

Golden cross "The Sun" is a symbol of life, the joy of heaven and eternity.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin