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Cross Pendant

Collection: Imperial Enamel Large Cross Pendants


gold, enamel

№ 206/1 / special order.

Cross Pendant "Maidenly". "No cross, no Christ," the Orthodox proverb says. Cross is a visible testimony of redemption for the believer. In Christianity, crosses are gendered, but life itself made visible changes in the appearance of the most common Christian symbol. The shape of Christian man's cross is simple and concise and the cross of Christian woman is lighter and more graceful. 

Formerly, Orthodox maidens wore leafed crosses at heart. Such cross pendants were named after the shape, reminiscent of a birch leaf. 

"Maidenly" pendant is a flowering vine on the cross. 

Artisans of Classic Jewellery House "Lobortas" made this artwork blossom with maidenly colors of hot cloisonné enamel. A Latin cross crimsons in the middle thereof. This type of cross is prevalent in Catholicism. Its three short ends are Trinity, and the long end of the Latin cross is singleness of God. 

Artisans used not only the play of color, but also the play of light. The subtlest guilloche (FR. "Guilloché" is a pattern of wavy lines) allows looking at the beauty of hot enamels in a new fashion with each heart beat, with every turn of the cross. 

Moreover, an openwork ornament, woven by the jewelers, symbolizes the vital force of the cross! 

Neck cross "Maidenly" is a symbol of faith, not an instrument of punishment!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin