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Silver Diamond Jade Seal

Collection: Chinese Horoscope


silver, black diamonds, cognac diamonds, white diamond, jade.

Special order.

 The original series of flip stamps, based on Zodiacal images of Chinese lunar calendar, is silver figurines of twelve animals, mounted on a stand of noble jade, giving success in financial affairs and longevity.

As in the Zodiac, in this collection, each character is endowed with its aura, energy, nature, which, according to legend, is passed in the year of certain beast. All figurines are unique, the images clearly thought out, and the elements that surround them, as conceived by the artists, bring new features to them.

Good-natured, peaceable, kind, purposeful and energetic Boar can hide his inward life behind a certain bravado from those around him, seeking external attributes of power. But take a closer look: perhaps his warmth and confidence need protection?

Compositionally sculptures are situated to be both an individual decoration and stable stand for a seal stamp at the same time. Functionality, multiplied on aesthetics, creates elements of the new style and keeps on the tradition in interior art.

Figures show the engraving skills, for which artisans of the Lobortas Jewellery House are famous for, demonstrating wonderful examples in the genre of small plastics.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin