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silver, gold, diamonds, jade.

A beautiful girl

Caressed by the wind

Sleeps in the sun...

 A beautiful maiden sits and has a rest on a nephrite pad that looks like a waving cup of water. The wind braids her thick hair and decorates it with flowers. It hides her delicate face that expresses pleasure and calmness. A gold band looks like an astrological sign of protection and weaves around her silver braid. With her body it slim it makes a compositional circle of harmony.

The concept of the Virgo can be found in different cultures, in pagan myths and fairy-tales, in ancient legends and medieval stories.

The nymphs of the Greek mythology and the sirens of Homerus, Slavic berehynias, beautiful ladies, mysterious and magical, kind and bad...all of them lure with their enchanting voices into the deep forest or the rocky coast.

They have become the heroines of numerous poems and plays, pictures and sculptures. In the new series of the shifter stamps the Virgo is one of the signs of the collection inspired by the Western Zodiac.

The figures are made of gold and silver and decorated by gemstones. They have turned ordinary stamps into luxury decorations.

Creative, sensitive and sophisticated Maiden will appreciate this gorgeous present.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin