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Silver Gold Diamond Jade Seal


silver, gold, diamonds, jade.

№ Н-21-11-429

 On a table or on a shelf of a bureau in your or your friend`s office there can be found a silver figure designed and produced by the artists of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House as a part of the Western Zodiac series of the shifter stamps. The figures symbolize the signs of the Western Zodiac and are their impressive implementation. They correspond to history of cultures, old techniques of jewellery art. The engravings and combinations of precious metals (silver figures and gold signs) are made skilfully.the nephrite pads are decorated with diamonds.

Each of this figures is the heart of the composition. It can be a pad for a stamp or an unusual interior detail. The artists who designed the figures ere inspired by images of ancient warriors, Egyptian priests, pagan gods and India leaders. This figure represents a Japanese ninja.

The Scorpio has a hypnotic and magical look, he is brave and devoted, sincere and merciless. They can not be cheated because they know you inside out.

This exclusive hand made piece of art will be a perfect present for a representative of this astrological sign and his gratitude will be sincere.

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