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silver, gold, diamonds, nephrite.

№ Н-21-08-380

 Its arched shape look like a crescent or a string of a bow. A noble and handsome hero is ready for the battle. He is brave and his body is perfect and flexible like grapevine. The Archer creates new reality. He is hot-tempered and sincere, ambitious and always achieves his goals.

This is how we imagine the astrological sign of fire made by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. He is also a part of a series of shifter stamps. Each of them has a shape of a silver figure on a nephrite pad. The specialists used images of string of Greek, Egyptian, Sumer and European Renaissance cultures.

Each statuette is unique and reflects distinctive features of the Zodiac sign, its sacral meaning and history.

Hard work and unique skills of a jeweler, engraver, historian and a writer together gave a birth to a new kind of interior fine arts. Our artists turned simple office gadgets into unique pieces of art. They are worth to be admired and decorate your home, or office. It is also a perfect, exclusive and luxury present.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin