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Silver Gold Diamond Jade Seal


silver, gold, diamonds, jade.

№ Н-14-06-389

 Their bodies are smooth like water. So is the shape of the composition. In the heart of it there is a hero that symbolizes passionate, elegant and wise Pisces.

The Pisces is the last sign of the Western Zodiac circle. They are sensitive, tactful, long for various goals and try to be non-conformists. They feel the world around them, love poetry and music and create beautiful pieces of fine arts.

The figure of a mythological creature is beautifully bent and looks like a constellation and its ancient symbol is made of gold. The figure itself is made of silver and decorated with diamonds. It can either be a stamp pad or a statuette.

The shifted stamps have become the main idea of this collection that was designed and made by the artists of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. They were inspired by medieval heroes, ancient warriors, brave knights, Egyptian priests and pagan gods.

This unique collection is a beautiful example of fine arts that makes ordinary things real masterpieces.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin