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Silver Gold Diamond Jade Seal


silver, gold, diamonds, jade.

№ 615050

 Special mysticism of the “13”, magic of the previously unknown Zodiac sign has become the basis for this figure. He is meditative and mysterious, able to open and close the circle, keep balance between the good and the evil. According to a legend he is the master of the white and black snakes. The Ophiuchus constellation has always been in the sky, but in the Western Zodiac circle it is a kind of a new member.

The silver figure with a gold symbol on its head looks like an Indian warrior and stands on the nephrite pad. He looks as if he were thinking about the great battles of the past or considering destiny of his tribe.

According to the legend the Ophiuchuses have special missions to perform in their lives and also have birthmarks on their bodies. Their life is full of adventures, risks and new starts. They can read thoughts or even see the future.

Our artists made ordinary things be a series of exclusive stamps that are united by a common general idea and genre components. This is how we keep traditions of interior fine arts. Such figures will decorate your office or home and can become a start for a beautiful collection.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin