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Silver Gold Diamond Jade Seal


silver, gold, diamonds, nephrite.

№ Н-17-11-593

№ Н-22-10-326

The sun and the Moon

Can be weighted on the Astrological Scales...

 Small elegant figures of the Zodiac series stand on pads made of beautiful nephrite, pure silver and decorated with gold and diamonds.

These original shifter stamps create their own history as the symbols of success, beauty and special attitude to ordinary things. The integral space and style of the Western Zodiac is expressed in it by the language of historical correlations, cultural codes, archetypes and ancient signs. Every figure is not just a presentable version of a symbol but a real piece of art, a unique image made by the authors to decorate offices. It will be an unforgettable present or the beginning of the magnificent collection.

The topic and composition of the figure is made in Old Egyptian style. The head`s position, play of faces, dresses or even a hairstyle were precisely made by the masters. A golden element, the sun that symbolyzes renaissance and the rhythm of nature can be considered the heart of the composition.

Real conesseurs of beauty will appreciate these charming and friendly Scales by Lobortas Classic Jewellery House.

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