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silver, gold, diamonds, nephrite.

The artist turns his face to you

Changing his mask...

 A funny actor of commedia dell'arte or a mysterious joker, he is joyful and sad, good and bad at once. He plays with moods wearing an eternal, mysterious mask.

This is how a typical representative of the Gemini sign looks. He is both reckless and wise, a philosopher and a pragmatic, introvert and extrovert. He is as changeable as Mercury.

The masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House who created the Zodiac series made the Gemini flexible, smart and playing with fans and masks.

The heroes of the shifter stamps are the Western Zodiac signs. The stamps are made of silver and put on the nephrite pads. Nephrite is the gemstone of prosperity, long life and energetic protection. The figures themselves crowns are made of gold and decorated with diamonds.

Every figure makes a compositional circle. It is solid, integral and made with a sense of harmony. Every image has its history written in the codes of the archetypes and historical codes. Every detail of the figure corresponds to a certain sign and express the artist`s vision of it.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin