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Silver Gold Diamond Jade Seal


silver, white diamond, black diamond, jade.

№ Н-17-11-599

His movements are soft and smooth; his polished grace is charming, although sharp claws have still not been canceled. It is hard to guess, where he will go, as he is accustomed to walk by himself, without giving the report on details of the route and date of return. He is affectionate and sagacious, but at the same time, he is philosophic, artistic and canny. Independent and calculating Cat wins everyone's heart with its graceful charm at first sight.

Characteristic sculptures of the Chinese Horoscope will win your heart as well in an exclusive series of desktop sculptures, consisting of sleek silver statuettes, designed with complete images and original stories.

Actually here, each character is not only a separate self-contained composition and is not just stylish gift of silver, jade and diamonds. It is a seal stamp, made by our artisans in continuation of the great Carl Faberge's tradition in creation of the jeweled flip items and transformed into a harmonious decoration, which can become a truly collectible masterpiece.

Smart and graceful, soft and delicate, artistic Cat, who appreciates good manners, will bring good luck to all those, whom he protects. Moreover, its perfect embodiment, installed in the home office, will give the joy of seeing the virtuoso execution.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin