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silver, gold, black diamonds, jade.

Special order.

 Elegant silver figures of the Western Zodiac symbols have become the basis for the new exclusive collection made by Lobortas Classic Jewellery House. Shifter stamps are not just instruments. They are perfect as small interior decorations for your office.

This is a perfect present, luxury decoration, a piece of a unique collection and a piece of art.

Each figure symbolizes a certain astrological sign. They may look as antique statuettes or mythological heroes, but their distinguishing features are complicated engraving, precisely made details and original composition.

In the symbol of a stubborn and patient Capricorn you can see features of the Satyr, the Greek deity, a companion of Dionysus with horse-like or fish-like features. The circle character of the composition makes the shape solid and resembles the Zodiac circle. In the center of the silver figure that is put on the nephrite pad there is a gold sign of the Capricorn who never gives up and can reach every aim.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin