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silver, gold, diamonds, nephrite.

№ Н-16-04-229

 He is bright, fiery, impulsive and ambitious, longs for fame and is born to be a leader. He is always in the limelight. He is there where the life burns. Protecting the weak he is always ready for the battle. He does not think about the consequences and never afraid to take risks. For him like is a struggle and he never indulges in self-pity looking for new adventures.

Elegant silver figure resembles a mythological deity, probably Satyr or Pan. It was made by the masters of Lobortas Classic Jewellery House who followed the traditions of the Greek sculpture. It symbolizes a representative of the first astrological sign of the Western Zodiac. In this exclusive series there are 13 statuettes (including the Ophiuchus). They are made of silver and gold, decorated with diamonds and put on nephrite pads.

They are not just interior decorations but unique shifter stamps. Ordinary office gadgets have become real masterpieces of art. They are also perfect gifts and pieces of art to be collected.

This kind of sculpture will be a unique decoration for your office or home as well as your friends` or partners`.

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Photo by Dmitriy Las