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The sign of wild element The symbol of freedom and a breakthrough...

 The Zodiac series of the shifter stamps is a unique collection of elegant figures that symbolise the signs of the Western and Chinese Zodiac.

These pieces of art will not just become a luxury decoration for your office but will also be a perfect present, an exclusive office decoration or even the beginning of the new original collection.

The series follows one style and keeps traditions of jewellery based on interior art. The figures by our jewellery house are made with precious metals and decorated with gemstones. They are put on the nephrite pads. They represent history of the ideas of the Renaissance and the Belle Epoque. They express new creative vision of symbols and diversity of both traditional and modern techniques.

The sign of the Aquarius is described as the Mythological patron of the sea, the Neptune. The composition is a circle sculpture of water that protects and rules.

The representatives of this sign that is the first in the Zodiac circle are idealists who can read the future. They are rebels and attentive co-interlocutors, they break traditions and create new rules.

Regardless the excess of water in the name of the sign and its symbolism, it is the airy sign of communication, creative ambitions and permanent progress. Let it bring good luck to all the Aquariuses and their families!

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Photo by Vladislav Filin