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silver, diamonds, jade.



 Forever being reborn as a conductor between the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth, and hypnotises by whispering secrets. Many peoples considered the great Snake to be given with some kind of very special light and mysticism. It was shown as a sign of witchcraft, healing and power.

In the Chinese Zodiac, it is one of the symbols that patronizes people, born in its year. Moreover, in the original series of flip stamps by the Lobortas Jewellery House, Snake is an interior object, the refined gift or collector's piece of silver, adorned with diamonds on a kind of pedestal made of jade.

Each figurine is both a center of stable composition and a stand for a stamp, with which you can seal your documents. Thus, by the imagination and skill of the artists, engravers and goldsmiths an unremarkable and usual utilitarian object turned into a real jewellery masterpiece.

Elegant and refined, charming and romantic, polite and wise Snake will appreciate it, if you decorate the Interior of your home or office of your partners and family with its luxurious incarnation.

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Photo by Vladislav Filin